Elementica – Reduce Global Warming and Get Paid For It.

Elementica is a Bahnhof billion project which redefines the definition of environmental friendly data centers. The excess heat from servers replace parts of Stockholm’s heating supply. This means very low electricity prices for Elementica customers (Nord pool -10%). Start of construction: 2017/2018.



  • The world's most modern and climate-smart Data Center


  • Powerful IP and Carrier Connections


  • 21 MW


  • Security Class 3 and Alarm Class 3

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Stockholm, Sweden

Our famous nuclear proof bunker in the city of Stockholm.

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Stockholm, Sweden

Our 21 megawatt monster will heat a large part of Stockholm.
Currently in construction!

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Stockholm, Sweden

Located in the inner city of Stockholm, Thule is the fibre hub of northern Europe.

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St Erik
Stockholm, Sweden

Our first data center has proven a trustworthy working horse for over 20 years.

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Kista Science City, Sweden

Military grade shell protection gives Lajka maximum security and accessibility.

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Malmö, Sweden

Located on the gate to the continent, Sparven combines location with security.

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Virtual Private Server

Set up your Virtual Private Server (VPS) in less than two minutes!

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Virtual Datacenter

A Virtual Datacenter is a cloud pool of Bahnhof infrastructure resources designed specifically for enterprise business needs.

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Bahnhof Colocation

Colocation with maximum security and renewable low-cost energy. Bahnhof keeps your servers safe.

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