Based in Sweden

Based in Sweden

Background “Based in Sweden”  

The public is rapidly becoming aware of the risks of entrusting their data to providers of mail, storage, web and cloud services. In certain countries authorities may have easy and secret access to sensitive data.

Sweden has many advantages for hosting, both for Swedish and world-wide clients. It has one of the oldest and strongest legislations for freedom of speech and freedom of information, i.e. public access to public records, making governance uniquely transparent and non-politicized. Absence of corruption, excellent infrastructure, well-educated and conscientious work-force, leading-edge Internet technology firms and engineering tradition and strong data protection laws makes The Kingdom of Sweden a leading jurisdiction and choice for hosting.

Guarantee trademark “Based in Sweden”

The guarantee trademark “Based in Sweden” will certify that the essential core of the service is delivered only from physical infrastructure that is located on Swedish territory, provided by Swedish companies or organizations, subject to Swedish jurisdiction and protection.

"Service" is defined as IT-services in areas that are the selected protected classes in the trademark registry (upheld by The Swedish Patent and Trademark Office (PRV)) for the trademark "Based in Sweden".

The purpose is to provide a framework that can be used for companies that deliver and provide IT services, such as broadband, network operations, hosting, rack space in data centers and storage of data (mail, web, cloud, backup, databases).

By using the guarantee trademark "Based in Sweden" these companies agrees to only use the trademark for services delivered to customers, provided by infrastructure based in the Kingdom of Sweden, and according to the principles in this specification.

Examples and guidelines

1.) Cloud or hosting services using the symbol Based in Sweden must be physically located in data centers in Sweden, and the service must be provided by a Swedish company or organization. The administration of the cloud service software must also be provided by Swedish companies or organizations subject to Swedish national laws.

2.) Network (broadband and capacity IP services WITHIN Sweden) shall not at any stage cross the border of Swedish territory with the sole exception of DNS and IP registry information - and only if technically necessary for functionality. The service shall for leased lines (fiber network) only be provided by companies that are owned by Swedish companies or organizations.

3.) If the service behind "Based in Sweden" is compromised in any way, the parties that use the trademark must immediately inform end clients, as well as informing controlling party.

Controlling and guarantee of the trademark Based in Sweden

The guarantor of the trademark is Bahnhof AB, or the controlling parties assigned by Bahnhof AB, for upholding the integrity of the principles behind the trademark Based in Sweden.


Stockholm, August 14, 2013

Jon Karlung
Bahnhof AB