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Prefer manual setup? E-mail us at cloudsupport@bahnhof.net!

Instant cloud (VPS )

Set Up Your Server in Minutes

Get your own virtual server in the Kingdom of Sweden. Monthly plans start at 15 Euro (~21 USD) and you can upgrade easily as your demands grow.

Your Bahnhof VPS comes with extreme scalability; add and subtract RAM, CPU, disk space and traffic limits to fit your needs. Changes take effect in realtime and are immediately reflected on your bill.

The control panel gives you full control of how much power you use. You will be shown the cost for a new configuration before you confirm it.

We offer a wide range of operation systems. Among the most popular are Ubuntu, CentOs, Debian, Gentoo, Fedora, Redhat, FreeBSD, and, of course, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2.

Your virtual server will be protected in our nuclear bunker Pionen White Mountains. It will also be mirrored on two other data centres in Stockholm, giving it triple redundancies and security.

The setup process is entirely automatic. If you need help, don't hesitate to contact cloudsupport@bahnhof.se - we usually reply fast.

Increase Security with an SSL Certificate

Protect your traffic and increase your credibility by adding an SSL certificate to your server – it's as easy as adding one to your cart. We offer a number of market leading solutions.

We offer the most trusted SSL brands: Comodo, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Thawte and Symantec - the choice is yours, depending on your needs. Learn more inside.

Jon Karlung, CEO

We're legendary. Are you?

Privacy For Real

Bahnhof is proud to be known as a Free Speech ISP. We protect our clients’ data.

Bahnhof helps media ­companies, finance companies, and others who want to avoid communications ­suddenly falling into the hands of competitors or becoming publicly available.

Bahnhof hosted WikiLeaks.

As a large free speech network operator with several data centers, outstanding bandwidth and excellent peering around Europe Bahnhof has both the will and technical endurance to host even demanding customers.

Bahnhof does not respond to any demands from authorities in other countries for information about clients, logs or data or anything else. These must direct their demands to relevant Swedish authorities, which may then possibly contact Bahnhof in the ways that Swedish legislation stipulates.

Bahnhof will not comply with demands from Swedish authorities to a higher extent than Swedish law demands.

We are proud to keep updated on legislation concerning privacy and have a history of challenging demands in court.

Read full privacy policy (PDF).

What "Based in Sweden" means for your security

The guarantee trademark "Based in Sweden" will certify that the essential core of the service is delivered only from physical infrastructure that is located on Swedish territory.

It is not a coincidence that Wikileaks chose Bahnhof for its most demanding and sensitive release.

Since 1766 the Kingdom of Sweden has Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Information included in its Fundamental Laws. First in the world, it is claimed.

Absence of corruption, excellent infrastructure, a well-educated and conscientious work-force and strong data protection laws also make Sweden a leading jurisdiction and choice for hosting.

Cloud or hosting services using the symbol Based in Sweden must be physically located in data centers in Sweden, and the service must be provided by a Swedish company or organization.

The administration of the cloud service software must also be provided by Swedish companies or organizations subject to Swedish national laws.


We don't expect a nuclear attack.
But you know, just in case.


Rent a Rack in Our World Famous Data Centers Bunkers

Place your server – or rent a full rack – in one of Bahnhof’s famous data centers. We guarantee an extremely high level of security and accessibility.

We are a natural choice for banks, gaming companies, online shops and other business with high demands.

Maximum Security against Tapping, Industrial Espionage, and other infringements upon freedom and privacy – this is Bahnhof’s Promise.

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    Renstiernas gata 37
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    Tunnelgatan 2
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    S:t Erik
    Norra stationsg. 61
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    Kista Science City
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    Storgatan 15 B

1. Pionen – the Nuclear Proof Bunker in Central Stockholm

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Pionen is located in a nuclear bunker from the Cold War. The entrance is protected by a 40-centimeter thick steel door, and the plant itself has been blasted into the bedrock below the White Mountains in Södermalm in Stockholm, Sweden.

The facility never ceases to fascinate and is often featured in the world’s media. Wired dubbed it "the James Bond Villain Lair that Actually Exists".

Pionen is equipped with Bahnhof’s renowned powerful IP and carrier services via fully redundant routers and diverged cable paths.

Two redundant diesel generators, battery backups to cover shorter power outages, and a state-of-the-art smoke and gas detection system is only the beginning. Get all the hard specs here (PDF).



Do You Want Us to Host You? Just Get in Touch!

We'll set up your server or rack manually – just contact us and we'll get back to you with an offer.


You can also call us at +46 105 100 000 or email sales@bahnhof.net


Real Swedes will get you started.

Managed services

Let Us Do Everything For You!

Let Bahnhof take full responsibility for one or more IT areas – this gives your company the opportunity to focus on your core business and avoid tying up capital.

From installation to daily maintenance and future planning, Managed Services can take a load off your chest for real. Since Bahnhof owns the equipment, you can avoid hefty expenses.

Our Managed Services have become a natural choice for companies, organizations and government agencies that demand uninterrupted services and professional maintenance around the clock.

We would be happy to explain more about Managed Services and give you a custom offer.

Interested in Managed Services? Let's Talk.

We'll be happy to explain more about how you can profit from using our Managed Services.


You can also call us at +46 105 100 000 or email sales@bahnhof.net


Did we mention we take security
very seriously? Oh, we did.


High capacity wholesale

We offer extremely powerful services to operators with the highest demands.

Bahnhof provides dark fibre, separate wavelengths and has long experience of designing and running large IP networks through Cisco equipment. We’re proud of the fact that Bahnhof was the first 100 Gbps customer of Netnod. Bahnhof never overbooks capacity.

Contact us for IP-transit, wavelength and peering through Scandinavia, with our without local tails; dedicated, high capacity, raw bandwidth.

Email wholesale@bahnhof.net or phone +46 105 100 000
About bahnhof

Sweden’s First Independent ISP

Bahnhof was founded in 1994 and is Sweden’s oldest and one of the largest independent national Internet providers. We combine personalized service and local commitment with solid technical experience and knowledge.

For press and media inquires, contact:

Jon Karlung, CEO
Bahnhof AB
phone +46 76 1110160 (please note GMT +2).